A Magical Coffee Shop

amadeo-bakehouse-seating-areaSituated in the quiet neighbourhood of West Vancouver is this small coffee shop that is truly magical and charming named Amadeo Bakehouse and Coffee Shop.

The wall is decorated with murals, handpainted by an artist.  The seats have figureheads, each one featuring a different person.

The pastries, European, of different types, scones, croissants, eccles, cinnamon rolls, bagels,…… I wanted to take some photographs, but I was so enamored with the paintings, the furniture and the wall, I did not bother with the pastries.  Part of the reason is because I knew that I will be back, not just once, but frequent.

amadeo-bakehouse-patronsWe have so many coffee shops that all attempt to look the same as Starbucks,  Blenz or Delaney’s.  Amadeo Bakehouse has its own unique character, and I like to feel unique and be charmed by this magical place.

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  1. This coffee shop looks really cool & magical!! this is great! thank u for this information. Keep up the great work of sharing the knowledge!

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