Monthly Archives: December 2009

A ancient story of interracial romance

To watch the Metropolitan Opera Live at the Lincoln Center can cost you as much as US$400 for the best seats, and US$42 at the worst.  Yet, through the recent Metropolitan Opera Live in High definition program, I was able to watch opera at an equivalent price of US$18.   Metropolitan HD Live now broadcasts live via satellite to major movie theatres in big cities all around the world. read more

Canadian immigrant trapped between two cultures

Mina and her husband are a ordinary Canadian immigrant family with a male dominated structure.  Husband is the provider, and works to support the family.  Mina stayed home to look after the two children.  Mina gets a good allowance to … read more

Baptist Church Ladies Peanut Butter Squares


It’s Christmas time soon, and our church is having a Christmas Craft and Bake Sale to raise funds for our Youth Mission to South Africa. So, I used a recipe from my Aunt who used to run the Black Cat … read more

Romancing China

“What took you so long?” For the first time, since Stephen Harper became Prime Minister of Canada, he visited China with his wife, Laureen Harper on a 5-day scheduled official visit. Premier Wen Jiao Bao gently chided the Prime Minister … read more

Association of International Medical Doctors of BC

In June 2003 a small group of international medical graduates (IMGs) got together in Vancouver to discuss uniting their voice in order to affect greater access to licensure. They were assisted by the British Columbia Internationally Trained Professionals Network (BCITP. … read more

BC Internationally Trained Professionals Network

The BC Internationally Trained Professionals Network (BCITP Net) is a partnership of internationally trained professionals from around the province, working cooperatively, to improve access to meaningful employment for all immigrant professionals in BC. Its primary focus is to empower internationally … read more