Prime Minister Harper visits Bollywood

bollywood-dancingPrime Minister Stephen Harper and his wife made a stop at a Bollywood TV Dance Show in Mumbai during  his recent trip to India.  What an amusing sight it is to watch him and his wife be surrounded by dancing girls.

The visit is a deliberate photo opportunity and publicity stunt to soften the Prime Minister’s image and to project him as fun and friendly, with an inclination to the arts.

It was not too long ago when he made a similar attempt by playing on the piano and singing a Beatles Song during his visit to the National Arts Centre in Ottawa.

5 comments on “Prime Minister Harper visits Bollywood

  1. I guess we should commend him for the effort. He clapped his hands and smile. It would probably be too undignified if he actually starts dancing to the rhythm.

  2. Do you know of any Canadian prime minister who has done the same thing? At least he is original with this gesture.

  3. It’s a very good thing that the leaders of each nation visit other countries.
    Welcome your Prime Minister come to visit my country China.

    Have a great day!

  4. Prime Minister Harper is scheduled to go to China for a four day visit beginning Dec. 2, 2009. Canada has avoided this official visit for a long time because of China’s human rights record. Yet, it seems that Canada isn’t so perfect after all. We’ve got our problems as well with the latest scandalous news about torture of Afghan prisoners.

  5. Well, you must admit it’s very unbecoming. He’s obviously uncomfortable, clapping his hands and whatnot, pretending to “have fun”. Yeah, right.

    “Oh, wait, what’s this? There are strange people around me, dancing. I should get back to the basics; rule #1: smile. Yes that’s better. People clap their hands. Well, when in Rome, do as Romans do. Clap clap, smile smile, I hope they don’t actually expect me do _dance_. Or do they?”

    Anyway I guess he deserves credit for having the courage to do it, but perhaps he would have needed more courage to say no.

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