A Friendly Stop for New Canadian Immigrants

immigrant-service-society-of-bc-logoFor new Canadian immigrants settling in British Columbia, whether you are looking for work, trying to improve your English language skills or needing settlement assistance, be sure to check out ISS of BC.  ISS  stands for Immigrant Services Society.  ISSofBC provides a variety of services to immigrant and refugee communities in the Lower Mainland, and works with over 23,000 clients per year. ISSofBC plays an important role in the settlement, education, and integration of immigrants from the day they arrive in Canada. With a highly qualified and dedicated staff of over 200 and over 600 committed volunteers, it is a friend to newcomers, assisting with initial settlement needs and appropriate language and employment training, and helping to establish networks in their communities.

If you are an established Canadian immigrant, consider volunteering with the ISS of BC as a mentor to newcomers.

4 comments on “A Friendly Stop for New Canadian Immigrants

  1. This is indeed a very good step provided by the ISS of BC. It is scary to go leave your home and to live a totally new life without knowing what will happen.

  2. I’m wondering something will Canada allow us citizens into the country if you have been convicted of a non-violent felony in the USA?

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