Is there a Message on Your Head?

bald-head“A head that turns head” is the tagline for a company called Bald Media in Toronto.  Imagine a bald head as a blank canvas or a blank billboard, where you are free to post your company logo or advertising message.  Then send this bald head to roam around high traffic areas like the mall, downtown streets, airports, festivals, university campuses….   In today’s competitive business world,  companies are coming up with creative advertising ideas that are different and inexpensive.

Bald Media is a company founded by a Canadian in Toronto, Ronnie Lebow, an award-winning art director and copywriter who has been working in the ad industry since 1994.   According to Ronnie:  “Guerrilla marketing is huge right now, everyone is straying away from television, and print is on the decline because of the web, so anything you can do to get into people’s faces right now just seems to work.”

The advertising message is printed on the bald heads using a combination of airbrush latex paints and temporary tattoos  that can be washed off in a shower.  Bald Media hires bald actors, and there doesn’t seem to be a shortage of bald heads.   The owner of Bald Media hopes that this concept can eventually be franchised.

The company was launched last year and is still in its start-up phase trying to get customers.  Here is a youtube video of how the airbrushing works.

5 comments on “Is there a Message on Your Head?

  1. I’ve actually seen this before but not with bald heads they can put the logos anywhere on a person body,the only catch about them is that they are real tattoos.


  2. Wow this is way cool, I never thought of this. It has huge potential indeed.

    “What’s that on captain Picard’s head?”

    “Oh it’s the latest Romulan shampoo.”

    “Oh he uses shampoo?”

  3. I think I should apply for a job. Several friends have encouraged me lately to shave the final few hairs I have.

    What will they think of next?

  4. Wow, this would even be better if instead of “actors” they paid the common person for advertising, I guess this would help the economy a little.

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