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Inukshuk Blog Award – Immigrant Story

zhu-french-canadian1We find this delightful blog that has been on cyberspace for the last three years (since 2006).  It is a blog about the adventures of a French Canadian immigrant  who settled in English Canada; about immigration, life as a French teacher and snow !

Her name is  Juliette, aka Zhu. Yes, she’s not Chinese, but she’s  studies Mandarin for 12 years and can read and write Chinese.

Here’s an excerpt from her blog:

“Anyway… I’m French and I have been living full time in Canada’s national capital, Ottawa, since 2004. I first came in 2002 and lived between France and the other side of the Atlantic Ocean for a couple of years. In 2004, I got a Working Holiday Visa, and I applied for permanent residence in Canada in 2005… and it took only five months! I became a Canadian citizen on July 3rd, 2009 and now have both passports, French and Canadian.

Immigrating to Canada has been a very good experience so far. I experienced culture shock for the first few months but recovered quickly enough. Although I still don’t get how Canadians can walk around wearing only shorts and tee-shirts when it’s barely above 0ºC. read more

Inukshuk Blog Award for edutainment

Inukshuk (ee-nook-shook or ee-nook-sook) is an Inuktitut word that means to look like a person (an Inuk). They are stone monuments erected in the image of humans and have been used by the Inuit people of Canada to mark high points of land, good hunting and fishing spots or the way home. A blog that has received our Inukshuk award is a way of us marking the blogs we like and sharing this to the blog community. read more