Canadian Immigrant’s Halloween Surprise

halloween-decorated-front-door(contributed by a reader named Ginger)
This is a brief story about my first Halloween experience as a new Canadian immigrant. I lived in Canada for a few years before I fully appreciate how significant Halloween is to Canadian children.   By Canadian children, I am including my first child.

It begun when my daycare provider asked me about my son’s Halloween costume.  “What costume?”.  “For Halloween.  You mean to say, you’ve never given it any thought?” She asked.

My son was only 2 years old.

My Canadian babysitter, who was on welfare, hand-sewed costumes for her 5 yr old child every year.    Halloween, as it turned out, is a big deal for Canadian children.    In the end, she lend my son a clown suit which her son worn 2 years ago.

Then she asked, “Are you also going trick-a-treating”?   What do you mean “trick-a-treat”?

Another surprise:  On Halloween night, children go knocking door-to-door yelling “TRICK or TREAT”,  demanding sweets or treats.  You give out treats or you get tricks played on you.

Being a busy mother trying to make ends meet, I had no intention of going door-to-door trick-a-treating with a 2 year old.  My babysitter felt sorry for my son, and offered to take him along with her son for the night.  On the house, no extra babysitting pay.  Gave me a little time to catch up with my house chores.

So that’s my Halloween surprise.

canadian-girl-trick-or-treatingThis girl may looked like she’s out all alone in the night.  Her parents were across the street, keeping an eye, making sure they see who opens the door, and checking out the candies she get.

Here are more photos of kids in costumes.

Superhero costumes are very popular among boys.

Little girls like their disney costumes, such as Beauty, Snowhite, …..  The mischievous ones like to dress up as witches.

At school, pumpkin carving contests are popular.  Kindergarten kids draw and color pumpkins.

I got called to school to help carve my son’s pumpkin.  The child whose parent does not show up at school feels neglected.

Canadian parents often join in the festivities, and decorate their homes with Halloween icons to make the event more fun for their kids.

canadian-boys-in-superhero-costumesHere is a photo of a Canadian home with Halloween decor at the front door and on the garden lawn.

Coming from a third world country, I found it hard to waste a pumpkin, when it could be food.  When I helped my kindergarten son carved his pumpkin, I wanted to save every pulp and every seed and made them into food.

Here is a garden lawn with Halloween decor.


3 comments on “Canadian Immigrant’s Halloween Surprise

  1. I have never celebrate Halloween before. But it sounds so cool with all the costumes. I adore writer’s experience in getting to know her new home. She’s lucky to get a very helpful and friendly babysitter. But I lol-ed at the pumpkin part. She needs to get used to that…

  2. Call me Dumb but I didn’t know Canada had Halloween,I’m glad to learn this awesome knowledge.

    I got a question does Canadians give more candy or less then Americans?

  3. Traditions are good and in this case also quite fun, especially for the little fellows.

    But I must agree, the pumpkin pulp shouldn’t be wasted. Mmmm anyone for some delicious vegan pumpkin pie treat? Or trick? :)

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