Canadian Yam Salad with Craisins


For Canadians pressed for time, this Yam Salad with Craisins is easily a favorite for three reasons:  (1)  It is healthy and tasty.  (2)  It is easy to make, there is very little cooking.  (3)  You can have many variations which keep the recipe fresh and exciting.

Ingredients list for Yam Salad is simple:
- Yam  or Sweet Potato
- Green onions
- Craisins
- Olive Oil
- Balsamic Vinegar

(1) Peel and cut up yams or sweet potatoes into chunk.
(2) Put in boiling water  and continue cooking using medium heat until tender.  (around 10 minutes)
(3) Cut up green onions.
(4) Mashed the cooked yams or sweet potatoes.
(5) Mix  Olive oil, vinegar, green onions and mashed yams together to make one great salad.
Can be eaten warm, but best when allowed to chill in refrigerator to get the flavours blended.

Another variation would be to use feta cheese, onions and olives instead of craisins.


4 comments on “Canadian Yam Salad with Craisins

  1. It looks great and really worth trying as it sounds easy to make. I am so going to try this. Thank for the recipe.

  2. I’ve never heard of this or even had this dish it looks awesome and I’m going to have to try it out.

    Great post.

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