Daily Archives: October 8, 2009

Neighbour’s Tree fell on our Yard

damaged-fence-on-backyardOn one unforgettable night, I was having dinner with my son  at around 8:45 pm in the evening when we heard a thump.   I couldn’t figure what it was, but my son could see it from the window, even in the dark.  A big tree from our Korean neighbour fell sideways and landed on our balcony.  Thank God no one was hurt.

We took a flashlight out to inspect the damage.  The fence between the neighbour and us was damaged.  But that would not be the big expense.  It would be the tree removal that would be the expensive part.

There were  no strong winds that night.  It was very calm when we were having dinner.  There were very strong winds the day before.  So the tree must have been wobbly since then and finally it fell.   The tree was  about 60 ft long and 18 inch in diameter. The tree had a wide circle of leaves, so the branches cushioned the fall with a gentle thump.

This is the second time in the last two years that a big tree from the backyard fell.  Last year, it was our tree that fell on our other neighbour’s yard.  My suspicion is that the trees might already be sick due to recent construction and so it didn’t take much for them to fall whenever there’s a bit of a windstorm.

The next day, I phoned the insurance company and they told us that the tree cutters are very busy with cleanup work after the storm, so it would probably take a month before any cleanup would be done.  The morning after next, I phoned the neighbour’s insurance company to find out how we will deal with the damage since the tree that fell belonged to the neighbour.  Well, the agent told me that the tree cutters are already doing the clean up.  I looked out the window and discovered that they took the tree out of our yard and my photo opportunity is gone.

This story tells two things about life in Canada.  We have lots of tall trees around, and sometimes they can be a menace.  Secondly, we are very efficiently here.  Things get done fast.  Imagine that it was faster to remove a big tree from our yard than for me to pick up a camera and film the damage.