Romanian-Canadian immigrant brings Kurtos Kolac to Vancouver


It’s been called Kurtos Kolac, Kurtos Kolacs, Kurtos Kalac, Kurtos Kolak, or Kurtus cake, Chimney cake. Originating from Eastern Europe, the Kurtos bread or cake has been traditionally sold at food fairs.  Basically, it is made with a sweet bread dough rolled flat, cut into thin little strips, then wrapped around a wooden cone with a handle.  The dough is then coated with sugar and the forms placed on a barbecue over heated volcanic rocks.

kurtos-colac-machine1Modern bakeries use commercially made kurtos kolac machines that have a rotisserie device capable of turning forms -  four or five at a time for six or seven minutes until the sugar becomes caramelized and the dough is baked.  Once baked, the dough is rolled in ground nuts, walnuts by tradition, which sticks to the caramelized sugar.

Best eaten when freshly baked, the kurtos kolac is especially popular during holiday seasons like Eastern and Christmas time and for special events like wedding celebrations.

There is only one bakery in Vancouver called Transylvanian Traditions Bakery who makes the Kurtos Kolacs.    The bakery is run by Stoian, a Romanian-Canadian immigrant, who moved to Canada two years ago.

Located in the west end of Downtown Vancouver, the little bakery entices passerbys with the smell of warm, sweet dough.

Kurtos Kolaks can be eaten in many ways.  It can serve as a base and eaten with berries and yogurt or whipping cream.  But like any other food introduced to Canada, Kurtos Kolak is sure to evolve into something distinctively Canadian.

9 comments on “Romanian-Canadian immigrant brings Kurtos Kolac to Vancouver

  1. I’ve never seen or heard of this thing in my life. But it sounds yum. I love to eat and I’d like to try if I see it one day!

  2. wow…this post made me crave for one new food..i love sweets..i hope someone will give me this sometime..

  3. Aye, thumbs up to Mr Stoian for his idea. I can smell the Kurtos Kolak from here, yummy. Oh wait that’s the neighborhood bakery. Just as well. Delicious cozonac, and a well done Kurtos, mmmm… ( I’m a Romanian by the way ;) ).

    Too bad they don’t make vegan versions of this delicacy. Or do they?

  4. My husband was in Romania with me visiting my family and he loved it. We live in USA and wish we had a bakery that makes kurtos kolac. I grew up eating those delicious things and miss them everyday. To bad we are far from Vancouver. :((

  5. Hi Guys
    Yes Kurtos kalacs or Kurtosh (easier to say) is a very tasty and totally UNIQUE product that originates from Romania. It is said that the first people to make Kurtos were Hungarians residing in Transylvania.
    I have a small business that makes and sells Kurtos ovens and accessories. We ship all over the world and make versions for the EU market and for the American and Canadian markets (125v). We make a Gas model ideal for mobile operations such as for use in a catering trailer or mobile tent or electric versions, ideal for coffee shops or shopping malls. We supply with all our ovens a very easy to follow ‘Step by Step’ user guide which includes a reliable recipe.
    Check my web site: kurtos-kalacs dot com

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