Chinese-Canadian Modern Wedding Tea Ceremony

The Chinese has a long history with many traditions dating back to ancient times. One of the strongest tradition is the Chinese wedding ritual of tea ceremony, where the bride and groom offers tea to the parents of both families and in return the parents offer the gift of a red envelope, containing money. Traditionally the parents of the bride would give jewellery to the daughter as part of the dowry.

Here is a video clip of a Vancouver wedding at The Hollyburn Country Club.  Note that the ceremony has been modernized because the groom is a westerner.    If you watch carefully, you will see that after the tea was served, both sets of parents slipped  red envelopes as well as a western wedding cards on the tea tray.


Many ethnic Canadians opt to have dual ceremonies, a traditional ritual to keep the parents happy, and a western one for friends and work colleagues.  In keeping with the western tradition, a western wedding for this Chinese-Canadian couple took place in the morning with a separate tea ceremony in the afternoon, and a joint reception for family and friends in the evening.    Follow this link to view the western wedding ceremony for this couple.

The color RED is very significant in a Chinese wedding.  Red symbolizes good luck and happiness, and is the predominant color in all traditional Chinese festivities, whether it is a wedding ceremony, or birthday celebration.  Here at the wedding, the mother of the bride wore the lucky color RED.

2 comments on “Chinese-Canadian Modern Wedding Tea Ceremony

  1. Very interesting. I had never seen that ceremony before. The music was way cool. You could tell they were nervous too. But overall a nice video and a pretty wedding.

  2. I always wonder how is the Chinese get married in Canada. Do they have the Wedding Door Games as well? It could be different depends on how the culture blends into each other. Beautiful, isn’t it?

    Here, the groom would have to go to fetch the bride from her house. They would have two tea ceremony. One at the bride house, another at the groom house. But usually when the groom is fetching the bride, all the bridesmaid would torture the groom and his men before letting them to enter the bride house. I always find the wedding door games are funny to watch.

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