Have you been Imputed?

imputed-manThis is the story of Adam and Eve.  And Angelina.

Adam was married to Eve for 10 years, until one day, while playing frisbee happily with his son in the front yard, a courier arrived delivering a letter stating that his wife (Eve) cannot live with him anymore and he has to move out within 1 day.  He had no idea Eve was unhappy.  She never said anything.

A month later, he left the home, arranged for split custody and a monthly child support payment amount.  Everything was fine, until 5 years later, he met Angelina.

He was in love again and got married.  He continued paying his child support checks while sharing custody of his son.

The problem came when Angelina (the new wife) made more money than him.  Now Eve (the ex-wife) wants a portion of Angelina’s (new wife) income and filed a lawsuit.  Adam was IMPUTED.  His income is now IMPUTED to include Angelina’s income and Eve (the ex-wife) wants more money.  Angelina (the new wife) is now deemed to be the other parent and Eve (the ex-wife) wants  MORE money.

Angelina (the new wife) has her own children that she needs to look after.  Eve (the ex-wife) makes more money than Adam and has the means to support their son.  The issue is no longer about money.  It is about entitlement.

Family law about child support was formulated years ago to protect the mother working at home from paternal abandonment.  A wife making more money than a husband was an anomaly.  Nowadays, many Canadian women make more money than the men, and the family laws have not been updated to accommodate the new reality.

So, welcome to the new IMPUTEE club.  Adam is considering starting a IMPUTEE website as a networking forum for all fathers who have been imputed!!!  The case is being tried at family court.

If you be the judge,  which side are you own, Adam, Eve or Angelina?    {Someone emailed us to find out whether this is a made-up soap.  This is a true story.  The names are made up to protect the identities.}

14 comments on “Have you been Imputed?

  1. I feel sorry for Adam. It is a terrible situation to be in. Empowering women should not mean the loss of dignity for men. Is Eve simply playing the system and trying for getting the most out of it?

  2. As a woman, shame on Eve. As a mom, shame on Eve. As an attorney, shame on Eve. A’s money should have no bearing on Eve’s settlement. Being a b*tch? Apparently won’t cost her a thing…Angelina will pay for it. YIKES.

  3. Trouble in paradise. It appears that Eve is being spiteful and is determined to bring hell on earth. Has it occured to Eve that the person she is hurting most is her own son. What kind of message is she sending to her son?

  4. Although I side with women most of the time, as I closely read the article, I believe Adam has more reason this time. First, it was NOT paternal abandonment as it was Eve who wanted the separation and NOT him.

    If I would be the judge, I will financially assess everything, both the side of Eve and Adam and other parties involved and see who is entitled to what or how much. If Eve earns better than Adam and if Angelina’s kids need more financial allowance, I guess the amount of support may even be reduced!

  5. I’m curious why the judge wouldn’t throw this out in a fit of laughter. Family law was supposed to ensure that the husband fairly supports the children he brought into the world. It was not intended as a free lunch or a way to earn supplemental income (and from a perfect stranger to boot!). If law isn’t about justice, morality, and fairness, then the law has ceased to serve the public. In that case, civil disobedience is the only correct thing to do.

  6. As a single mom,I would not consider going after my ex-husband’s wife’s income. I think it’s just wrong..

    I like JennyMac’s comment!

  7. Very interesting, I agree the laws need to be updated to allow fair evaluation in these cases, in no case should the new spouse be responsible for the husband’s ex-wife child support.

  8. Hmmm, Eve has a point there, for Adam and Angelina’s properties are now conjugal; hence, Adam could now give more money. But, if this will be allowed, abandoned mothers would take advantage of this one. So I guess, there should be a definite law stating that the support should mainly come from the father alone.

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  10. I would vote that Eve is only entitled to a portion of Adams income for child support. For too many reasons to list in this comment box.

    Great issue.

  11. I think a Father or Mother should have to pay child support, but I would never even consider or even think that a new wife or husband should pay for a child that isn’t theirs, that’s just ridiculous and so wrong.

  12. So, are you Adam? The Adam, Eve and Angelina story sounds like a soap opera! It would make a real good movie! Interesting, for sure. Anyway, I like your blog! Kelly.

  13. Disconcerting indeed, this is. Aye… Eve should know that if it’s money she wants, money she will get. But I would say it’s not money that she really wants, she wants happiness.

    And there’s only one way into buying happiness, which is: making others happy.

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