Neighbourhood Canada Day Parade

While all of Canada are celebrating Canada Day in pomp and ceremony, the little close-knit neighbourhood of Pemberton Heights celebrated Canada Day in their own special way, a parade organized by the residents in the area.

It was simple.  Every participant dress in red and white, the colors of the Canadian flag.  There is a best decorated bike contest, so the children in the neighbourhood came with their bikes, scooters, strollers all dressed up with the Canadian flags.  Even the dogs came with red and white bandanas.   Helium balloons add to the festive spirit.  Elderly residents who don’t feel like marching with the parade got out their lawn chairs, sat and watched from their front yards.

The fire truck led the parade, and all residents followed by foot to Sowden Park where tents were set up for a hamburger and hot dog stand.   About 6 volunteers worked together with barbequing, selling, and collecting money.  For $2 you can get a hot dog or $3 for a hamburger complete with all the trimmings.  Drinks cost $1 .

The weather was beautiful,  the lawn was dry so residents simply sat and relaxed.  Many brought blankets to sit on.  All in all, it was a great community event.

We just felt good to be Canadians, and the parade was one way of showing it.

This post was originally published in 2009, and was recently updated in 2019 to reflect updated information.  Today, the  annual Canada Day Parade continues as a tradition at the neighbourhood of Pemberton Heights.

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7 thoughts on “Neighbourhood Canada Day Parade”

  • I think this is such a great idea for a community parade. It is community based,it involves community participation, it is inviting and inclusive. This should be held as an example. Big parades cause big traffic, and becomes a spectator event. The neighbourhood kids have fun and will have good memories of the event.

  • We never celebrate our neighbor over here ‘coz most of us think that involving yourself in the neighborhood will cause much more trouble than staying out. How I wish we can care about each other here.

  • I got to experience my first Canada Day this year in Halifax. They opened up the Citadel, had a parade, and there were pancake breakfasts and fireworks. It was very exciting. For 4th of July (I’m from California) we made a big cookie and watched fireworks on TV. I have to say I had more fun on July 1 this year. Looks like you did too! 🙂

  • oh, those photos posted with regards to Canadian Day is very very interesting and i like them very much …

  • How did your community start to organize this big success?

    I love the color red and seeing them to be the major color floating around, coupled with everyone’s happy faces is an amazing thing!

    Your slide show is very informative!

  • That is a great success! What I like about close knitted activities is that everyone has the opportunity to congratulate everyone with all their heart felt appreciation while in big events, it’s very difficult to tell who did what and who did when and where or how…

    About the celebration, I love the idea of having the children design their bikes. I watched the photos and those balloons indeed are attractive. The white one with red designs are the most beautiful!

    I salute the creativity of the neighborhood, it’s a success and it’s surely is/was fun! I can see in everyone’s faces in the images you shared.

  • Happy Canada Day. Hope you all had a grand celebration. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

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