Russell Peters – What Makes Him Tick?

russell-petersWhat is it that propels this ordinary looking guy to stardom, and how does he manage to tickle so many of us to laughter?

He is the of Anglo-Indian descent, son of Indo-Canadian immigrant parents, born in Toronto and raised in Brampton, Ontario.   For a while, he was just a brown skinned kid in a white society, always on the outside. Today, he is a successful comedian playing on jokes about race, culture and class.  He bonds with his audience regardless of background.  He is extremely popular and well-received all around the world.   His Youtube videos are viewed by over 20 million people and his website receives 10,000 hits a day… nominated for over 4 Gemini awards.  His shows are always sold out.  In 2008, he was one of the few comedians performing at the Madison Square Gardens.  In April 2005, he performed at the Apollo Theatre in New York City, another sold-out show.  The audience just loves him.

Russell Peters was born in Toronto  to Eric and Maureen Peters (both of Anglo-Indian descent from India, whose ancestry were a mix of British and Indian as a result of British rule in India).  In his youth, he went to elementary and secondary schools in Brampton, Ontario, just like any other Canadian kids.

He always felt like the brown outsider watching from the sideline;  and he kept watching and observing.   Soon enough, what he had noticed, all  the small things  people do,  became his materials for his gigs.  Hilarious cultural observations from all ethnicities, Chinese, Koreans, Indians, Jamaicans, Jews, Italians, English……..

He’s not afraid to laugh at himself, at his own race, so it was okay when he laughs at others, and so, we simply all laugh together, realizing, underneath our skin, we are very much alike, with our dreams and aspirations, and disappointments and struggles.

Russell Peters – the son of Indo-Canadian immigrants.

7 comments on “Russell Peters – What Makes Him Tick?

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  2. Russell Peters had to work hard to get to where he is now. He made it look easy, but I’m sure it is tough for anyone, no matter what race, to be successful as a comedian. For him, he has to work doubly hard, and that is why success is even sweeter.

  3. I’ve watched that Russell Peters video three times now, made my wife stop and watch it the last time, still laughing.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. We watched him a lot in the past, and of course, in youtube. Indeed he is a very successful standup comedian. It’s great that you shared with us here his background and it’s a beautiful thing to know famous people’s backgrounds and what made them “tick”.

    It’s funny because in my family we are mixed as well (Asian and Italian in Holland) and we naturally appreciate watching him perform.

  5. Russell Peters has currently been listed in the Forbes List of 10 Top Earning Comedians with estimated earnings of over $10 million US dollars per year for the period June 2008 to June 2009. Russell Peters is now in the company of top comedians including Jerry Seinfeld (at $85 million), Jeff Foxworthy, Howie Mandel, etc. Great to see that Canada has nurtured an “outsider

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