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Canadians Connecting with Other Canadians

Totem Pole in Alert Bay
Totem Pole in Alert Bay

Congratulations on the launch of The New Canadians Ezine! A place where Canadians can connect with one another through the storytelling and forums.    The only true natives of Canada are the First Nations people.   All other settlers are the New Canadians who now comprise today’s New Canada. 


Canada‘s 30 million inhabitants reflect a cultural, ethnic and linguistic makeup that is truly unique from all other countries. Approximately 200,000 immigrants a year from all parts of the globe continue to choose Canada as a place to live.



Canada has a reputation as an open, peaceful and caring society that welcomes newcomers and values diversity.  It has the tradition of being a compassionate country by celebrating diversity, open dialogue, mutual respect, by promoting understanding and by extending a helping hand to those in need.  I am truly proud to be a one of The New Canadians.