express entry visa program canada

Express Entry Visa for Canada Federal Skilled Workers

Express Entry Visa.  Immigration Canada has recently announced that it will begin instituting the Express Entry Visa Program as early as May of 2015.   This program will speed up the process of applications for Skilled Immigrants. There are four programs … read more


bowen island things to do

Island Getaways in BC – Bowen Island

Only 20 minutes away by ferry ride from Horseshoe Bay in West Vancouver lies Bowen Island,  With only a population of over 3,000 people, this little island is a within very easy reach of most Vancouverites.  The ferry ride itself … read more


Big Taiwan mangoes

Big Taiwan mangoes at T&T Supermarket

One of the best things that happened to Vancouver is the presence of several T&T Supermarkets that make food  shopping such a delight. Food shopping at T&T Supermarket is almost like travelling to a foreign market.  There is always something … read more


september 8 2014 mooncake festival

2014 Mid Autumn Mooncake Festival

The Mooncake Festival, also known as the Mid Autumn (Zhongqiu) Festival is celebrated every 15th day of the Eighth Lunar month.  It is the second biggest holiday of the year for the Chinese.  For 2014, the exact date for the … read more



TouchSquid Universal remote another Canadian innovation

As “necessity is the mother of invention”, the range of Canadian inventions is a reflection of the particular circumstance of the nation: it is a large country with a need for innovation to help bridge the distance gap. Fittingly, many … read more


tips for writing resume

7 Skills to put on resume

Here are 7 skills to put on resume that can help you attract attention and gain the interview you needed.  Whether you are applying for a white collar or a blue collar job, these are basic skills an employer looks … read more


recommended business book for women

Learn from Other People Mistakes

Mistakes are expensive, so learn from other people  mistakes and do not repeat the same ones.   We all make mistakes in our lives, in our work, little ones, big ones, but don’t make the same one that others have already … read more



Olivia Chow says goodbye to Jack Layton

All Canadians watched Olivia Chow’s grief as she shared a moment in front of her husband’s Jack Layton’s casket on Parliament Hill. The two have been together for 25 years, married for 23 years since 1988 working hand in hand, … read more



Kate Middleton in Prabal Gurung Silk Floral Dress

Singaporeans can be proud of their export, Parang Gurung, who was born in Singapore, now is famous as a Nepalese American designer residing in New York City. In the Diamond Jubilee 2012 Tour visit to Singapore, the princess Kate Middleton … read more